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Saturday, October 02, 2004

Stop the TOTALITARIAN pledge of allegiance

A petition for writ of certiorari is currently before the U.S. Supreme Court urging that the Pledge of Allegiance is unconstitutional in courtrooms. The case is Wonschik v. U.S. at

Wonschik might end the “Pledge Protection Act” before the act starts. It is a race to see which happens first.

There is also a motion to recuse that expands arguments that resulted in the recusal of Justice Scalia in an earlier Pledge case. It is at the same url above.

Research is being conducted about judges who make jurors chant the Pledge. Please help, and circulate the following email address, and send information about Pledge activity in courthouses:

The renowned NACDL (National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers) filed an amicus brief in Wonschik that can be viewed at

Another Amicus brief is at

The research also seeks interviews with anyone who chanted the Pledge in school using the Pledge's original straight-arm salute. Eye-popping historic photos are at

Most people have never seen those photographs and most never will. Most media suppress the history of the Pledge because it is so unlibertarian, even though the media droned on about the earlier pledge litigation wash-out.

The research project also seeks information on any Pledge litigation anywhere, regarding pledges in schools or courts. For example, complaints have been filed against two Judges who led jurors in chants in California.

The Pledge is becoming disfavored as more judges learn that the Pledge was written by a self-proclaimed national socialist in the U.S. and originally used a straight-arm salute. Litigation about the Pledge has already led to the discovery that the pledge was the origin of the salute of the National Socialist German Workers' Party (Nazis). The claim that it was an old Roman salute is a myth.

The Pledge has inspired persecution and mob violence in the past as in the aftermath of Minersville School District v. Gobitis, a Supreme Court decision.

Some Congressmen who support the authoritarian Pledge are trying to end U.S. Supreme Court jurisdiction to hear Pledge cases. Wonschik might be the Court’s last chance to address the antidisestablishmentarianism.

Congressman Ron Paul misinformed Congress while speaking for the Pledge Protection Act. Rep. Paul’s errors about Francis Bellamy, author of the Pledge of Allegiance, include the claim that Bellamy was an atheist. Bellamy was a religious wacko. There is more on that at

I was the first one to point out the error to both Rep. Paul and the website bearing the name Lew Rockwell, which repeated Rep. Paul’s error. A google search or google news search for "the atheist Bellamy" shows my corrections of Rep. Paul’s errors.

Please communicate to Rep. Paul and to Lew Rockwell my standing challenge to publicly debate their errors, and their knowledge of the history of the pledge, and their views about the pledge today. After Mr. Rockwell was alerted to the errors, he wrote that he would not print these corrections, he did not deny them, and he persisted in posting the errors on his website.

I have communicated with Rep. Paul and asked him to correct the errors, however I have received no response so far, and the errors are still at Rep. Paul's official website.

So far, neither party has had the guts to take up my challenge and they both seem headed for defeat. Hearing nothing within a week, I will announce my victory (by default).

I have personally met Rep. Paul and I admire him. He is the most libertarian member of Congress. I supported him and voted for him when he was the presidential candidate of the Libertarian Party. I hope that Rep. Paul will speak again in Congress and tell the true history of the Pledge and display photographs of the original pledge for all Congressmen and for all Americans to see.

Does any public official have the guts to do it? Does any media or website that prints Rep. Paul's errors have the guts to do it?