Rex Curry is the historian whose discoveries are cited in many books on Amazon, Kindle, and other sources, including the book "Libertarian History" by the author Lin Xun. Xun explains these shockers from Dr. Curry: (1) that the "Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag" was the origin of the Nazi salute and Nazi behavior; (2) that the military salute was the origin of the Nazi salute (via the military salute's use in the original Pledge of Allegiance) and; (3) Swastikas represented crossed "S" letter shapes for "socialist" under Hitler. At amazon At kindle

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Volkswagen VW logo show how swastikas = S-letters for "SOCIALISM" under the National Socialist German Workers Party (Nazism)

Deutsche Arbeitsfront (DAF or German Labor Front) logos used a swastika encircled by a cogwheel. It was the origin of the Volkswagen logo, both philosophically and stylistically.

The emblem is encircled by the words MODELL DES AMTES SCHÖNHEIT DER ARBEIT (Approved Model of the Office of Beauty of Labor) in the following linked example image from porcelain that also shows the the Rosenthal crown logo.

The Office of Schönheit der Arbeit of the DAF decided what constituted kitsch (trash) in Germany and what constituted good industrial design under German socialism. Firms that produced what the socialists wanted were allowed to use the MODELL DES AMTES SCHÖNHEIT DER ARBEIT cogged wheel and swastika logo of the DAF as a seal of approval.

The swastika was used as S-letters for "Socialism" under the National Socialist German Workers Party, as shown by the world-renowned symbolist Dr. Rex Curry (author of "Swastika Secrets").

Volkswagen's meshed VW logo letters are another example of alphabetical symbolism that is similar to the meshed S-letters of the swastika for "socialism" under the National Socialist German Workers Party.

See related information regarding Allach porcelain.

Deutsche Arbeitsfront DAF German Labor Front logo

Hitler salute

Edward Bellamy

Francis Bellamy

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Biggest BULLY in school: Government & its PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE

How can government (and government schools) oppose bullying when it is the biggest bully of all? Every morning begins with the government's top lesson in bullying: the Pledge of Allegiance. Children are bullied into the robotic chanting and then they are taught to bully anyone who does not submit and join in.

Bullying and name-calling provoked by the Pledge of Allegiance has activated the "Tripp Civil Rights Team" at Tripp Middle School in Turner Maine. The team uses a book called The Misfits. It is about a couple of kids that don't really fit in with other kids. They often get bullied, and they even keep a list of names they're called. In the second chapter Addle refuses to say the Pledge Of Allegiance. She thinks saying the pledge is offensive, because it says "justice for all" and she doesn't believe that all people have "justice for all." Other people think we shouldn't say the pledge because it says "under God" which goes against the beliefs of some.

The Tripp Civil Rights Team is hoping that this book will help stop the bullies and name calling at their school.

Despite the above, the book does not provide any information about the eye-popping history of the Pledge: that it was written by a socialist and was the origin of the salute adopted later by the National Socialist German Workers Party (Nazis), as shown by the historian Dr. Rex Curry (author of "Pledge of Allegiance Secrets). No mention is made of the actual extreme violence and lynchings. No mention is made of the removal of children from their families by government officials, and the persecution of families who removed their children from government schools to private schools and home-schooling.

That is why the Pledge of Allegiance is another source of teen angst in government schools (socialist schools).

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Francis Bellamy, Edward Bellamy & the NEA Nationalist Educational Association

Edward Bellamy's choice of "The New Nation" as the name for his magazine is interesting in that another magazine with a similar name but with a different policitcal perspective had existed for a long time before Bellamy's magazine, and when Bellamy's new publication was conducted by Henry Willard Austin, the other older magazine (The Nation) was owned by Henry Villard. During the life of Bellamy's magazine, the older Nation magazine expressed an anti-socialist point of view. Was the "New Nation" name selected by Bellamy meant to contrast his magazine's pro-socialist point of view? See the work of the documentarian Dr. Rex Curry (author of "Pledge of Allegiance Secrets").

Note that the publishing organization for Bellamy's publication was named "THE NATIONALIST EDUCATIONAL ASSOCIATION" in deliberate similarity to the National Educational Association. This is a photograph of the Nationalist Magazine from Edward Bellamy

Edward Bellamy was cousin and cohort to another infamous American National socialist, Francis Bellamy, author of the Pledge of Allegiance (which was the origin of the stiff-arm salute adopted later by the National Socialist German Workers Party, as shown by Dr. Curry).

The Bellamys wanted government to take over all educational institutions and create an "industrial army" to spread their dogma.

Later, the older Nation magazine would adopt Bellamy's pro-socialist dogma, long aftger Bellamy and his magazine ceased to exist.

The Nation magazine began in July 1865 in Manhattan. The publisher was Joseph H. Richards, and the editor was E.L. Godkin, a classical liberal critic of nationalism, imperialism, and socialism. The magazine stayed at "Newspaper Row" in Manhattan for 90 years. Wendell Phillips Garrison, son of William Lloyd Garrison, was literary editor of the periodical from 1865 to 1906.

In 1881, newspaperman-turned-railroad-baron Henry Villard acquired The Nation and converted it into a weekly literary supplement for his daily newspaper the New York Evening Post.

In 1918, the editor of the magazine became Henry Villard's son, Oswald Garrison Villard, and he sold the Evening Post. He remade The Nation into a current affairs publication and gave it a socialist orientation. Villard's takeover prompted the FBI to monitor the magazine for roughly 50 years. The FBI had a file on Villard since 1915. Almost every editor of The Nation from Villard's time to the 1970s was looked at for "subversive" activities and ties. When Albert Jay Nock, not long later, published a column criticizing Samuel Gompers and trade unions for being complicit in the war machine of the First World War, The Nation was briefly suspended from the U.S. mail.

Under Henry Villard, the offices of The Nation were moved to the Evening Post's headquarters on Broadway. The New York Evening Post would later morph into a tabloid: the New York Post. It was a socialist-leaning afternoon tabloid under owner Dorothy Schiff from 1939 to 1976.

The Nation continues to be known for its socialist politics.


brought to you by Francis Bellamy, Edward Bellamy and other National Socialists from the United States of America.

Pledge of Allegiance is Nazism + Swastika = S letters for "Socialism"

Pledge of Allegiance comments on other sites are often inaccurate, and such a site appeared today. It states that it was "noticed that the American salute bore a striking resemblance to a salute that another country was using" when the truth is that the early American gesture was in fact the same salute and the American salute was the ORIGIN of the salute adopted later by the National Socialist German Workers Party (see the work of the historian Dr. Rex Curry, author of "Pledge of Allegiance Secrets").

After the rise of German National Socialism, the American salute did not quickly fall out of style in that the American salute originated from 1892 and the National Socialist German Workers Party began in 1920 and grew through the 30's and beyond and Congress decided to try to change the gesture in 1942 AFTER the USA became involved in WWII. In reference to America's stiff-arm gesture, some Americans said "We did it first" and "its our salute" and everyone did not immediately embrace the hand-over-the-heart.

The stiff armed gesture developed because the Bellamy salute began with a military salute that was then extended out toward the flag. Also, Francis Bellamy (and his cousin Edward Bellamy) were not only socialists, they were nationalists, similar the 2 words added to the German Workers Party by Hitler.

Using the outstretched salute is NOT a tradition that goes all the way back to the Romans, but that is a common myth. The stiff-arm gesture originated in the USA (from the Pledge) along with the robotic ritualism of chanting to the national flag in government schools.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Roman Salute: Cinema, History & Ideology myths & Martin Winkler & Robyn Blumner (St. Petersburg Times) debunked

Roman Salute: Cinema, History & Ideology myths & Martin Winkler & Robyn Blumner (St. Petersburg Times) debunked.
St. Pete Swastikas & Romans salute debunked by Dr. Rex Curry
Roman salute myth debunked

The Pledge of Allegiance was the origin of the stiff-armed salute adopted later by the National Socialist German Workers Party (Nazis) as shown by Dr. Rex Curry (author of "Pledge of Allegiance Secrets"). The Pledge's early right-arm salute was not an ancient Roman salute. The ancient Roman salute is a myth. The 'ancient Roman salute' myth came from the Pledge. A new documentary video movie exposes the shocking facts on youtube.

The original Pledge began with a military salute that was then extended out toward the flag. In practice the second gesture was performed palm down by children casually performing the forced ritual chanting. Thus, the stiff-arm salute resulted from the military salute extended outward in the pledge.

The Pledge was written in 1892 by Francis Bellamy. Francis was raised in Rome, New York, not in Rome Italy. Francis was cousin to Edward Bellamy, and they promoted military socialism.

Learn how Martin Winkler (in the book Gladiator: Film and History) was debunked. Robyn Blumner and the St. Petersburg Times Newspaper (& Poynter Institute Online) cover up for the National Socialist German Workers Party and the origin of its dogma, symbols and rituals. Learn more about Francis Bellamy, Edward Bellamy and the early stiff arm salute of the Pledge of Allegiance.

Dr. Rex Curry exposes Tampa newspapers

Recognition of Dr. Curry's discoveries expanded after Tampa's old newspapers were defeated in public debate challenges concerning the Pledge of Allegiance and its part in socialist dogma (the debate challenge included Elaine Silvestrini, Daniel Ruth, Robyn Blumner, and Jessica Vander Velde). How could they dispute the facts uncovered by Dr. Curry, when the newspaper's own photographs and articles support him?

It seems apropos that Ruth works in a building that is adorned with swastikas. Swastikas on Ruth's newspaper building in St. Petersburg, Florida resemble swastikas on buildings in St. Petersburg, Russia (the origin of the name of St. Petersburg, Florida) and swastikas printed as symbols for "socialism" (as two crossed "S" letters for "socialist") on the first paper ruble money issued after the 1917 socialist revolution that spawned the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, and influencing the use of the swastika as a symbol for socialism under the National Socialist German Workers Party and Adolf Hitler (who also used the symbol to represent crossed "S" letters for his socialist dogma). It culminated in Soviet socialists and German socialists becoming allies in a pact to divide up Europe, invading Poland together in 1939, and spreading WWII, and ending in the countries holding the worst world record for mass slaughter in the socialist Wholecaust (of which the Holocaust was a part).

America's Dumbest Newspapers use news "repeaters." The term "repeaters" and "reporters" is synonymous, although "repeaters" explains more about old media (in radio, TV, and print-news) and their people (such as Elaine Silvestrini, Daniel Ruth, Robyn Blumner, and Jessica Vander Velde): they repeat claptrap that is spouted by government, and government officials. They repeat it as if it is serious, rational, and important. That is what happens to "news" media in a police state. They repeat the national socialist dogma of their newspapers ("national socialist" is what you-know-who called himself, and it is necessary to point that out in case the newspapers’ readers (both of them) read this because that fact is covered-up in the rags (as if the rags are trying to rehabilitate the dogma)).

Swastikas of Tampa Bay area
Robyn Blumner & the Nazi salute

The Pledge of Allegiance was the origin of the Nazi salute and Nazi behavior, and the swastika was used by Nazis to represent crossed "S" letters for their socialist dogma (see the discoveries of the historian Dr. Rex Curry). Tampa's newspapers support Dr. Curry's work, including support from the following photograph of children performing the US's early Nazi gesture (from the Tampa Bay Times):

The picture of the children doing the early American Nazi salute was probably printed in the Tampa Bay Times when the building that it occupies was adorned with swastikas. In fact, the building that the Tampa Bay Times presently occupies is adorned with swastikas (see the photograph below).  Mind blown.

Newspaper columnist Robyn Blumner was so impressed with Dr. Curry's expertise that she asked him for an historic photograph that Blumner's newspaper published to show America's early Nazi salute. In the article, Blumner also supports Dr. Curry's call to end the Pledge of Allegiance. The photograph that her newspaper published (without the text) is shown at the following link.  

It is no wonder that Tampa is known as the home of America's Dumbest Newspapers. They are so dumb that America's Dumbest Criminal duped America's Dumbest Newspapers (read about how Jessica Vander Velde was duped by America's Dumbest Criminal).

Every day America's Dumbest Newspapers dupe America's Dumbest Readers.

After Ruth's loss in the public debate challenge, the local response against the crack-pot was so great that Ruth said he was labeled a "Dork, anti-free market statist, $#%!&, Dummkopf, liberal, daffy, dolt, stupid, dunce and, oh by the way, socialist."

Not long after the "socialist" crack, Ruth's employer/newspaper said to the kook: "Uh, Daniel Ruth? Start packing your bags!"

On another occasion, Ruth admitted publicly that locals have labeled him "bigot, prejudiced, hateful and ignorant" among many other similar insults.

It is no wonder they are America's Dumbest Newspapers - their repeaters attended the children's day-prisons known as government schools (socialist schools). New repeaters repeat propaganda as if it were the pledge of allegiance that they were taught to chant at the ring of a bell, like Pavlov's dogs. The repeaters were no different from the children in the photograph chanting mechanically the Pledge of Allegiance with America's early stiff-armed salute. Could they be the children in the photograph? Or did they use a different gesture (a gesture used to hide the pledge's putrid past). The photograph was made at a local school.
They were led in robotic chanting in worship of government every day. They were kept ignorant of the underlying truths about the government schools and the daily ritual brainwashing.

They want their readers (both of them) to remain ignorant too.

America's Dumbest Newspapers are proof that government schools (socialist schools) are a violation of the First Amendment of the US Constitution.

The newspapers are collapsing under the internet, and Dr. Curry's work is only one example of why. Newspaper writers are learning (the hard way) why they are losing under the web.

Swastikas on Tampa Bay Times Newspaper (formerly the Saint Petersburg Times Newspaper)

Swastikas on Tampa Bay Times Newspaper (formerly the Saint Petersburg Times Newspaper)