Rex Curry is the historian whose discoveries are cited in many books on Amazon, Kindle, and other sources, including the book "Libertarian History" by the author Lin Xun. Xun explains these shockers from Dr. Curry: (1) that the "Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag" was the origin of the Nazi salute and Nazi behavior; (2) that the military salute was the origin of the Nazi salute (via the military salute's use in the original Pledge of Allegiance) and; (3) Swastikas represented crossed "S" letter shapes for "socialist" under Hitler. At amazon At kindle

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Worlds Dumbest Criminals. Socialist Crusades, Socialist Crusaders, Occult socialism

 Look at the ignorance at this blog post for librarians
It asks "who gave socialism a bad name?" and then only mentions Adolf Hitler. Here is the response that was sent: You commit the classic stereotype of mentioning only Hitler & German National Socialists, who came in a distant(?) third place in murders/atrocities in the socialist Wholecaust (of which the Holocaust was a part): Stalin & and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics with ~60 million killed; Mao and the Peoples' Republic of China, ~50 million; Hitler and the National Socialist German Workers' Party, ~20 million).

Those are only some of the many groups/people who gave socialists/socialism a bad name.  It causes people who want to rehabilitate socialism to hide the truth and lie about it.

The typo Socialst appears eight times in OhioLINK, along with Socalis* three times, and Socailis* twice. What's in a name? Not that much, it seems, but if you have to choose one, go with something snazzy. (Note: Naziism is a variant spelling of Nazism, but Nazzism would be a typo.)

The groups/people who committed the socialist Wholecaust (of which the Holocaust was a part?  Stalin and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics with ~60 million killed; Mao and the Peoples' Republic of China, ~50 million; Hitler and the National Socialist German Workers' Party, ~20 million).

Some people would say that the socialist typos AND YOUR COMMENTS ABOUT THEM reveal more than you intended to reveal. It certainly seems that way to people who know the facts above. You have committed a classic stereotypical error that many people recognize even if you don't.

You might also wish to recall that Mao started out with guidance and support from Stalin, and that Stalin and Hitler invaded Poland together as allies in a pact to divide up Europe (and in an apparent contest to see who could kill the most people, which Stalin won hands down, err bodies down). Actually, Stalin, Lenin and Soviet Socialism also had a head-start on Hitler.

You should help update your readers about Hitler's place among people who gave socialism a bad name and also explain the "typo" socialist "Wholecaust."

In "Monty Python and the Holy Grail" a dead collector with a cart shouts "bring out your dead" and then takes and kills someone who is not yet dead.

The Monty Python scene is comedy. But under Stalin and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics it actually happened. For example in the Ukraine where Soviet Socialists stole everyone's food and abandoned them to starve to death by the thousands each day, adding up to millions murdered.  Socialism's dead collectors would take people who were not yet dead (it saved a second trip the next day).

The Monty Python scene is set in medieval times during the plague (an actual disease).  The Soviet Socialist scene in the Ukraine was set in modern times and did not involve any actual disease at all.

People had very strange beliefs in the middle ages concerning religion, sciences, spirits, disease, et cetera. The people in the middle ages seem almost insane compared to people today (and "modern knowledge"), or even when compared to what people knew during the time of Soviet Socialism.

Yet, in the modern era, socialists set and hold the worst records in all of human history in the socialist Wholecaust (of which the Holocaust was a part). When compared with modern socialists, the people in the middle ages seem like super-geniuses. 

Hitler's Cross, Hakenkreuz, Hooked Cross, Third Reich, Adolf Hitler, Swastika

Adolf Hitler, leader of the National Socialist German Workers Party, was the third or fourth worst mass-murderer in history (behind Mao Tse Tung, Joseph Stalin, and, on a per capita basis, Pol Pot) and Hitler was elected and won by a landslide.

Blood brothers: By Christmas 1940, Stalin had murdered many more people than Hitler, and had invaded nearly as many countries
The socialist Hitler, and Stalin, and Mao
The socialists Hitler, Stalin and Mao
The socialist Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, and Mao Zedong
The socialist Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, and Mao Zedong

socialists Edward Bellamy, Industrial Army, Military Socialism

"Whatever the psychology of those who support government, they should have the government they want. Only they should not impose that government on those of us who don’t want it. We do not all have to be in the                same government boat even if all of us continue to live on this continent. There is nothing sacred about the Union, the U.S.A., or the U.S. Constitution. It has not been written anywhere that we must be "one Nation, under God, indivisible." The parts about "one Nation" and "indivisible" do not appear anywhere in my Bible, which is the Holy Bible. The Pledge of Allegiance was written in 1892 by one Francis Bellamy. It has been an annoyance to schoolchildren ever since. As taxes imposed on non-consenters violate rights, so is the Pledge of Allegiance an oath against property and the right to one’s person."  -- Michael S. Rozeff is a retired Professor of Finance living in East Amherst, New York.

Their economists were known as the world's dumbest economists. They are known as the world's dumbest criminals.

Guns don't kill people.....socialism does.

Friday, March 05, 2010

Ku Klux Klan spread America's "Nazi" salute from Pledge of Allegiance, Students still resisting the brainwashing!

Written in 1892, the Pledge of Allegiance's robotic chanting and stiff-arm salute spread with help from patriotic groups in the 1920s, prominent among them the Ku Klux Klan.

John Benton Bellamy (son of Francis Bellamy, author of the Pledge of Allegiance) was graduated from Harvard with the class of 1904 and President Franklin D. Roosevelt was a classmate. Berkeley Daily Gazette - Jun 14, 1944

A Vow Of Independence -- Some Students Resist Practice Of Saying Pledge Of Allegiance Daily
By Nancy Montgomery  Seattle Times Snohomish County Bureau March 31, 1999, excerpts from story -
       It might look like adolescent goofiness, but when Mariner High School students perform a Nazi salute, pound their chests or improvise words during the Pledge of Allegiance, it's actually a protest, they say.
      A daily pledge to the flag and to the republic for which it stands roboticizes them and is an affront to their intellectual independence, the students say.
       "It's like a brainwashing technique," said student Sheila King. "You can't pound someone into patriotism."
       King is no ordinary malcontent. She's the Mariner student-body president and swim-team captain. She takes Advanced Placement classes and gets very good grades.
       But sometimes she stays in her seat during the pledge, refusing to participate, along with several other students in her class.
       King has become the driving force behind an effort at her Mukilteo school to stop saying the pledge daily, as a little-known state law mandates. King is asking the School Board to ask state officials to waive daily recitation and to allow Mariner students to return to a weekly pledge, as they did until this year.
       In the meantime at Mariner High School, students who do make a scene - by making a straight-arm salute or saluting the chalkboard, or
saying "one nation, under goddess" - are not mocking the flag or the country but mocking the mindlessness, the numbing repetition, of swearing
the oath every day, King said.
       "It's funny," she said.
       Some teachers continue with their work as the pledge is recited, letting students stand and follow along or not as they desire.
       "We don't say it at all, ever," said Andy Lawson, principal of the American Indian Heritage High School in Seattle. "It just doesn't occur to us
to do it. It's not a protest or anything. That doesn't make us anti-American."
       Honig said. "You don't have to explain the basis for your unwillingness," he said. "It's not practicable or reasonable for the government
to stage inquisitions into people's motives for why they don't want to participate."
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