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Friday, May 27, 2011

Mark Boyd, Calladus Blog: High-falutin' Internet stalker! - Fresno CA Atheist

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Mark Boyd, Calladus blog, goes a puntin!

There's been an update with the loon Mark Boyd, Calladus blog. You may remember this clown, the guy who was ignorant about the Pledge of Allegiance until he was publicly schooled about the academic work of the historian Dr. Rex Curry (whose work is cited in many books on Amazon, Kindle, and other sources).  Mark Boyd, Calladus blog, used to hide who he was because of his stupid comments for which he did not want to take any responsibility.  Then he was shamed into revealing himself while he was being schooled about the Pledge of Allegiance. Mark Boyd, Calladus blog, covers up for socialism in America. He thinks that the only thing wrong with the pledge is just two-words.    

Tell me again, how can a person that is stupid enough to not have any apparent college degree, nor any apparent education, and so little knowledge of the Pledge of Allegiance (until he was schooled about Dr. Curry’s work) still not be capable of having any visible means of support or office? Why is this guy (Mark Boyd) working as a blog writer and moonlighting as who knows what?

I'll tell you. It is because he is so nuts that L. Ron Hubbard said, "Woah" and started taking notes!

Tell me what would you do if your neighbor was a long-time drug dealer and addict, and a convicted felon on active probation who was currently engaged in a large conspiracy to commit real estate fraud while he was on federal probation?  Would you, (a) complain to the police? (b) investigate your neighbor's background, publish your findings to stop his criminal activity or (c) Write blog posts glorifying the sociopathic criminal who is now in prison for 26 (years thanks to the heroic work of Tampa’s local folk hero)?

If you picked (c) then I'll say, "Hello Mark Boyd, Calladus blog!"

Mark Boyd was so easily duped by America’s Dumbest Criminal.  Lots of people seem to agree to Mark Boyd, Calladus Blog, being a real shit. I'll be interested to see how long he continues to display his ignorance and how he was duped.  If it takes as long as it took him to be publicly schooled about the Pledge of Allegiance, then it will be a long time.  Markie is stupid because of his actions, and his tendency to pretend that he knows something that he doesn't.  Mark Boyd, Calladus blog seems to be the only person who is unaware of how duped and stupid Markie is.

Mark Boyd Calladus Blog Fresno CA High-falutin' stupid internet stalker

This is another post from the past exposing Mark Boyd, Calladus blog -

Calludus is the person(?) who spends a lot of time cruising the internet and posting anonymously in order to hide from his own kooky evasions. That is why he also avoided any attempt to actually address the topic in this dialog, as usual. So even though he's not a professor (isn't Calladus not having tenure grand?). Calladus is still quite a kook who makes Lyndon LaRouche look sane. Is Calladus a LaRouche Democrat? (LaRouche always called himself a Democrat and always ran as a Democrat, never a libertarian. Another example of Calladus' stupidity that ends up smacking Calladus back in his own face). After all, Calladus is the one who wants children to chant robotically to flags, even to the point that Calladus wants to enlarge the chant. Just how similar is Calladus to other people who are into robotic group-chanting with prescribed gestures to flags? Maybe Clladus will stop obsessing over how to evade the topic (which he started by evading in the first place) and get on with his life. He keeps promising to do so.

Calladus has yet to explain the "insidious connection" (Calladus' phrase) that he babbles about between Hindu and Native Americans with the Nazis. Calladus said this: "obviously they all use the same symbol, a Swastika, so they are all Socialists bent on world dominion." Calladus libels the Hindu and Native American symbol by claiming that they used the same symbol as the Nazis (even though Calladus knows that what he is saying is wrong).  That is why Calladus evades actual discussion of the topic as he knows it would highlight his errors. For example, Calladus evades the fact that the Nazis did not call their symbol a "swastika." Calladus can't bear that fact since he was schooled about it by, so Calladus just keeps pretending otherwise, as he claims it was the same symbol. In the same way, Calladus evades the fact that the Nazis did not call themselves "Nazis." Calladus can't bear to state the name that they actually called themselves. No one should wonder why.

The Nazis altered their symbol further by turning it 45 degress from the horizontal and orienting it always in the S-direction as alphabetical symbolism for "socialism" under the "National Socialist German Workers Party."  Calladus cannot face reality, so Calladus persists in libeling the Hindu and Native American symbol by claiming that they used the same symbol as the Nazis (or is Calladus making another kooky claim that the Hindu and Native American symbol was intended to represent S-letters for "socialism"?).

On the other hand, Dr. Curry has written volumes on the topic (and pointing out the above), which Calladus cannot address. Some of the information that Calladus evades is repeated here to emphasize the point.
The Calladus Blog learned many new things about the Pledge of Allegiance from

Before the Calladus Blog was schooled, it repeated naive propaganda about the pledge, as taught in government schools (socialist schools).

The Calladus blog was stereotypical for stupid atheists who know nothing about the pledge and who want to laud and enlarge it. The only criticism is the two-word deification.

Of course, Calladus blog was also ignorant of the fact that the two-word deification "under God" DID appear in Francis Bellamy's original pledge program as well as other references to religion and prayer.

That "under God" was not in the pledge itself seems more an oversight by Bellamy, who was a Christian socialist. That is another discovery that was made and announced by Dr. Curry.

When Francis Bellamy referenced religion and wrote "liberty and justice for all" in his pledge program, he meant the liberty to have government schools teach prayer and Bible reading and worship (which they did), and the justice of Christian Socialism that Bellamy touted in his dogma. Francis was a leader in the Society of Christian Socialists and that is what government schools did as he advocated the government takeover of all schools.

Calladus blog was unaware also of Dr. Curry's discovery that the Pledge was the origin of the stiff-armed salute adopted later by the National Socialist German Workers Party.

See the youtube video at

A public apology has been posted from the Calludus kook to the historian Dr. Rex Curry.

Perhaps it is a sign that he is so certain of his wrongness that he posts anonymously and the most he wants to reveal is that his name is "Mark" and he is * Male; * Location: Fresno : California : United States.

His credentials are suspect. None of it could be confirmed.  He is not a college instructor and he is not even a kindergarten teacher.  He is such a kook, that he would improve his writing if he wrote about himself in the third person.  There is no evidence visible that he has ever been paid to write anything ever in his life.

That nut-case claims that he likes to "write on the support of personal freedoms" but the best he can do on the Pledge is to ENLARGE it with the suggestion that children include "equality for all."  How odd that Mark fancies himself as a skeptic, when nothing could be farther from the truth. As the socialists say "Freedom is Slavery." It shows his completely back-asswards concept of "personal freedoms."  He is so brain-washed by the Pledge and by government schools (socialist schools) that he could not understand personal freedom even if it told him to take his new pledge and shove it. What a whack job!

His perverted concept of freedom is consistent with his comments about Dr. Rex Curry's discoveries: He concedes all of Dr. Curry's work, disputes nothing, and upon learning the truth about the Pledge, he merely spewed insults because of his political bias.  It shows his kookiness and pseudoscience attitude. People like that really get angry when they are told the truth and they learn that they have been repeating propaganda all their lives and just became disabused.

Here is a quote from the Calladus Blog: "Perhaps Dr. Curry information is valid. I don't know yet, I just started researching it"

This was news to the Calladus Blog
until he was schooled by

Hitler touted Bavarian Soviet Republic & Swastika as S-letters for "socialism"

At the turn of 1918-19, and unmentioned in "Mein Kampf," Hitler wore a
red brassard and supported the short-lived Bavarian Soviet Republic,
according to Thomas Weber in the book "Hitler's First War" (Oxford
University Press, 450 pages, $34.95). Perhaps that played a role in
the German National Socialist leader adopting a swastika symbol that
had been used by Soviet socialists on currency with the dates 1917 and

See an image at

Although an ancient symbol, the swastika was used sometimes to
represent crossed S-letters for "socialism" under the National
Socialist German Workers Party, as shown by the historian Dr. Rex
Curry, author of "Swastika Secrets."

Joseph Goebbels, future Propaganda Minister for Germany's National
Socialism, compared Lenin to Hitler in a favorable light as late as
1925 according to a New York Times article printed in that year.

Avenue, New York, opposite the Union League Club reviewing stand a
"Wake Up, America" celebration. Thousands marched in the procession;
hundreds of thousands lined the great thoroughfare and voiced their
approval in a succession of cheers. Circa 1917. It shows the early
American Nazi salute, which was the origin of the salute of German
National Socialism under Adolf Hitler, as shown in the discoveries of
the historian Dr. Rex Curry (author of "Pledge of Allegiance

During World War I Germans learned of the American use of the
stiffarmed salute, robotic chanting to flags, and the government's
use of all of the above to trick people into stupid wars. German
National Socialists even adopted a version of "Wake Up, America" in
"Deutschland Erwache!"

Note that the crowd does not salute. That mechanical response
developed later in America.

In comparison to the above, see Norman Rockwell's "Saluting the Flag"
painting. It appeared on the cover of The Saturday Evening Post
published May 12, 1917. A civil war veteran merely doffs his hat in
the painting, while a boy scout gives the scout's modified military
salute. Rockwell did not show out stretched arms in the early American
nazi salute.

Military personnel and boy scouts and girl scouts continue to salute
the flag in the initial manner used during America's Nazi salute: the
military salute. The difference is that they no longer stretch the
military salute out toward the flag.


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Keir said...

I read Weber's book and found it deeply flawed and was not critical of my of the sources he relied on which have turned out to either have been misinterpreted or simply wrong. His over-reliance both of the Odeonsplatz photo of Hitler in 1914 and film purporting to show him at the same event are two cases in point.